USS Salute AM 294
The rescue of the PBY
U.S. Minesweepers still in service in other Countries.
Picture this...... Tour The USS Hazard AM 240
Crew Flashbacks
2002 Salute Reunion in Goshen, Indiana
USS Salute Crew At The First Reunion
The first Salute reunion committee
Newspaper clippings from 1945
Dear Abby
The first Salute Reunion (1986)
The first Salute Reunion (Cont.)
The first Salute reunion (cont.)
The rescue of the PBY
On board the Salute, on her trial run.
Minesweeper Photo Page.
One Less Mine
In remembrance
David Crockett Lowrey Jr MoMM3/c
Still searching.


You're miles from shore. And suddenly the plane you're on starts to have problems. An emergency landing, leaves you alone and stranded in the middle of the ocean. This is during World War II. Who will you be discovered by ??? An allied rescue ship, or the Japanese. You see a ship in the distance, you tense up. Imagine how relieved you are to see AM 294 on the hull. And the smiling faces of the USS Salute crew. And before you know it. A tall lanky Motor Mach. swims over a tow line. And before you know it you're being towed home. You never learned his name, but were you ever happy to see him !